We pride ourselves in having created a very challenging tour. If you look for opportunities to test your max abilities, WAM is a ride for you. 

We are upping the challenge. We challenge you to become a Rich Mountain Warrior! To become a Rich Mountain Warrior, it is no easy task. You must complete a difficult hill in the saddle. The 30 and 50 mile routes share the same monster of a Hill. The 70 mile route has it's own monster. See below to find out the length of the hill, average grade, and the max grade for your particular route.

Becoming a Rich Mountain Warrior will give you a year of bragging rights and a special prize at the end!

Do you accept the challenge?


  • You must ride all the way to the top of the challenge. There are signs indicating the beginning and the end.

  • You can not walk any part of the challenge.

  • You can stop and rest along the way.

There will be a sign approximately 10th of a mile before the beginning of the climb, a sign at the start, mile marker signs along the way, and a finish sign for the challenge.

30 and 50 Mile Warrior Maker:

  • Starts: approx. 15 mile mark

  • Length: 2.1 Miles

  • Elevation Gain: 843 ft

  • Average Grade: 7.1%

  • Max Grade: 11.3

70 Mile Warrior Maker:

  • Starts: approx. 37 mile mark

  • Length: 3.1 Miles

  • Elevation Gain: 1,258 ft

  • Average Grade: 7.3%

  • Max Grade: 11.4%